First Post – What is SXSW now? Still Cool?

This is my first post, still in alpha mode here. So many things to write about, but so many blogs are boring, verbose.My focus here will be CEOing (past and present), the world of tech/software/Internet/vc/funding/ etc. And I’ll try to keep these posts brief. Hopefully they will connect as they unfold into a story, like a reality show for tech CEOs, with flashbacks thrown in.

Much of my motivation to do this came from Jeff Jarvis, his book more than his blog.

SXSW:  For a first topic, the most pertinent thing that comes to mind is SXSW since it’s on right now. I’ve been in the past and contemplated going this year, but have an instinct that it’s become so “cool” that it’s no longer cool, a caricature of itself. Too big, too much drift from its original focus – Music, Film, Creativity. It’s good that Interactive is so big now, should be good for me, that’s my industry, but it still doesn’t feel right somehow. Maybe I’m just jealous ‘cuz I’m not there. They should split into 2, 3 groups? like Hannover Fair did. That worked. Either way, I’ll monitor feedback from afar and inevitably correct at least some of my guesses about it. Lot’s of parties – my plancast list of parties is unbelievable, maybe I avoided that, the alcohol fueled networking, my body’s not ready for that this week/month. Could have pitched Rarefied there, but that’s a bit in limbo anyway.

Well, let’s see what happens here with this alpha blog…


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