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i will always miss his guidance.

Only a year older than me, I have imagined his answers many, many times over the years regarding my career, design, personal peace, style, etc., etc.

Met him twice – once in 1977 when I was a NASA intern in Mountain View, then in 1991 when I did a NeXT disti deal with him.

The first time I had no idea who he was. He and Woz had a storefront on El Camino and he showed us his prototype in a beat up suitcase. I had no idea…

Then in 1991 we met to sell NeXT systems to the Navy – he arrived in a baggy black sweater with a hole in it and jeans, in a black 911. Even though NeXT wasn’t taking off, he was a rockstar. We all had on suits, drove sedans.

Apple will continue to thrive, incorporating his 30+ years of influence and accepting the mantle now that he’s gone.

I will miss his soul. Long live Steve.

Tom Nora


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