What’s the pulse of the Silicon Valley like at the moment? (June 2013)


Answer by Tom Nora:

Hardware, Biotech and enterprise are the future, but in what ways?

Silicon Valley is ahead of the rest so always wants to find the next trend first. Big data was the thing 12 months ago but is a passe term now. Web/mobile/Video/Social/etc. are over-saturated, moving into the background. Google and Facebook are looking tired, but can still automatically create a ~$20 million valuation for a startup they breathe on. Apple is starting to wobble, the best people are leaving in droves.

Bottom Line : : We're in a lull, a boring quiet time in terms of earth shaking innovation, too many copycats and buzzword companies. That group of people that hears about the party late is now showing up, looking for instant success. Followers abound.

Things will soon go back to normal and the posers will run out of money and leave. The next amazing innovation here will come from the true innovators who remain.

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