My answer on Quora re: Market Salaries for funded startups

startup CEO
Can you expect a market salary from a startup that has received venture capitalist investments?
Tom NoraTom NoraStartup Growth Advisor, Code Slinger

Typically yes, but it depends on a few things. Getting VC funding isn’t as hard as it used to be, and often companies get $25K from Google Ventures and make it sound like a real round.


1) Amount of Funding. If it’s less than ~$250K it’s kind of like they didn’t get funding. 

2) Equity Offer. Depending on the terms and amount (% of company, not # of shares), this has a major impact on cash. Below market salary ifs fine if you can afford it and if the equity is awesome.

Remember, over 99% of startups fail, so the equity piece is high risk, especially if it is options. 

3) Generosity/Fairness of founders – MOST IMPORTANT. There are plenty of funded startups that will try to skimp on properly paying employees, with the blessing of their VCs. These startups will probably not make it so move on.

Contact me if you want to discuss your specific situation; I can probably pinpoint the right salary for most positions.

Final Note. Currently startups are being very frugal with equity for hires beyond the founders. Look at my angel list to see some comps. Tom Nora


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